What else could ship through Airglades other than perishable goods? How do outbound goods leave? Where do they go?

A mixture of non-perishable high-value goods (e.g., electronics, auto parts, etc.) will be shipped outbound from Airglades to the various Latin American air cargo hubs. There will also be operations at Airglades that will drive additional air traffic, including general aviation and MRO operations, although there will not be passenger traffic at Airglades.

The cargo freighters will load up on non-perishable goods while at Airglades and head southbound to Latin America, although not always to the same destination. For instance, flowers from Colombia may be unloaded by an air freighter at Airglades. The same freighter may then pack electronics or auto parts destined for Brazil (which is the largest export destination from South Florida), before returning to Colombia to receive more flower cargo and repeat the journey.